KaFSA promotes exchange programs with Sister Organizations abroad and Foreign Embassy Officials in Tokyo.

➢Joint Seminar with Sister Organizations Abroad
KaFSA has held Joint Seminars with Korean Council on Foreign Relations since 2004, so as to exchange views on bilateral, regional and a variety of other issues.

Dinner Seminar

Female members of KaFSA organize a Dinner Seminar in association with the University of the Sacred Heart and invite a female Foreign Ambassador in Tokyo as a guest speaker
Iceland‘s Path to More Gender Equal Society(2019-01-29)
Her Excellency Ms. Elin Flygenring, Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland
Constitution and Women‘s Empowerment(2018-01-15)
Her Excellency Ms. Prativa Rana
Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Ireland: Past and Present(2016-12-02)
Her Excellency Ms. Anne Barrington,
Ambassador of Ireland