The Kasumigaseki Foreign Service Association (KaFSA) is an organization of retired and active Japanese foreign service officers, founded back in 1940 as an association affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Its aim is to support diplomatic activities of our nation by seeking and widely sharing a more informed understanding of international situation and Japan’s foreign policy inside and outside of the nation through a series of lectures, publications and exchange programs.

In 2020, KaFSA celebrated its 80th anniversary. Following this milestone, we reconfirmed our focus towards our mission. As part of our efforts, KaFSA is starting to deliver our messages to the international community through this website.

Today, the international community is facing various challenges such as traditional regional issues, drastic changes of geopolitical landscapes and the spread of COVID-19. KaFSA recommits itself to play its role in tackling these challenges.

We are grateful for your continued support of our activities.

Kenji Shinoda, President, KaFSA